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Jim Wilson, Broker / Principal

Preferred Mortgage, Inc.

Mortgage Refinancing for the SF Bay Area

Mortgage Broker: Bay Area

As a mortgage broker serving San Francisco, CA bay area we shop the top lenders in the industry to offer you the best interest rates available. Whether you’re refinancing to lower your monthly payment, get cash out, or switch to a fixed rate mortgage we have the expertise to help you find the best loan for you at the lowest rates available. We offer nearly every type of mortgages: 1st and 2nd mortgages, conventional, non-conventional, fixed rates, adjustable rates, FHA, VA, and hard money. We also offer no point and no fee loans. So don’t hesitate; call today!

Save Money by Choosing Us

Preferred Mortgage has teamed with lending institutions large and small across the country to bring our customers the very best of what is available. We are able to beat our competitors’ rates and pricing due to our preferred lending status with our partner institutions. That allows us to pass the savings along to you, our customers.

Investment Properties

Whether you are looking to purchase or refinance we have the resources to help you with your investment financing. We finance and also offer cash-out options for financing up to 10 investment properties. We have conventional financing with as little as 10% down on purchases with Homepath and 20% down payment on Fannie and Freddie programs. With residential rents at all time highs and interest rates at all time lows it is a great time to own rental properties.

Call us now to refinance or get prequalified for your next investment.

The Refinancing Process

  1. Begin loan pre-approval process – Gather Required Documents
    • W-2’s for all wage earners for the last 2 years
    • Copies of the one months pay stubs for all wage earners
    • Copy of Federal Tax Returns for the last 2 years (needed for self employed and investors only)
    • Copies of 2 months checking bank statements
    • Copies of the last 2 months savings bank statements (savings, 401(k), IRA’s, etc.)
    • Copy of a valid driver’s license or government issued identification
    • Copies of the payment coupons from your current mortgage and equity lines
    • Copy of current tax bill
    • Copy of Homeowners Insurance bill
  2. Apply and Get Pre-Approved
    • This process helps you determine the amount you can borrow. Sign and complete the loan application and disclosures. At this time, income and credit verifications are completed as well as checks on your assets and liabilities. During the loan approval process, it is important not to significantly change the status of any of your financial accounts.
  3. Compare Loans and Rates
    • Deciding on the loan amount and length of your loan period will help you determine if points and fees make sense. Do you plan to hold onto your property for an extended period? A fixed or a variable rate is one of many choices available to you. There are also several alternatives to points and fees. We can help you find the right loan program for you.
  4. Lock your rate
    • Work with us to lock in your rate. You may be required to submit additional documentation before the loan can be approved. Your loan application will go through the final approval process which includes verifying the information submitted on your application. It is important to postpone making any major purchases or changing the status of your financial accounts. Large deposits and withdrawals must be documented. If you make any significant changes in your application information, please let us know beforehand.
  5. Close your Loan
    • Review and sign loan documents. Check the documents carefully for the correct interest rate, loan amount, names and addresses. If you’re purchasing a property you may be required to bring a cashier’s check or to wire funds. Refinance loans on primary residences have a mandatory three-day rescission period.

Five Star Professional Awards

Each year Diablo Magazine surveys recent home buyers in the area. Based on the survey results they compile a list of the top mortgage professionals. Jim Wilson has been honored to receive this award for the past 4 years putting him in the top 2% of East Bay Area mortgage professionals.

More about Jim’s Experience

FAQ for Refinance Loans for San Francisco, CA

We get asked lots of questions about mortgages, credit scores, and interest rates. Here’s some of the top mortgage refinancing questions that come up often for the San Francisco Bay Area. We hope you find them helpful.